Gregory K. Foster

Greg’s primary focus at Georgia Wealth Partners is in the area of wealth management for families and retirement planning for small businesses. Greg is a graduate of Gordon College and the University of Georgia. Greg enjoyed a far-flung and successful career of over 25 years as an award winning photographer for magazines, newspapers, and corporations---an unlikely entry point into the world of wealth management. However, as Greg pursued his passion of photography, he uncovered a passion for the people in the photos. He loved to hear about their stories, their families, their careers, the risks they had taken to create their success, the investments they had made, and to discover how passionate they were about their fields. The more stories he heard, the more it became clear that the difference in those that maintained their success and wealth and those that lost it came down to the advice they received and the teams they had developed around them.

Greg decided to help families capture more than a great picture and joined a major Wall Street firm in 2013. In the search for independence and the ability to serve clients the way he felt best, he joined Georgia Wealth Partners in June of 2016. Greg lives in Griffin, Georgia with his wife Jennifer and their three young children. They are members of the First United Methodist Church of Griffin and The Griffin Spalding Historical Society. In his free time, Greg enjoys playing the guitar, fishing, painting outdoor scenes, and spending time with his family.

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