What sets us apart from other firms is the Georgia Wealth Partners “experience”.  As a client, you will feel the difference from your first interaction with our team.  We cultivate a more personal approach built on fostering a deep, trusting, and long-lasting relationship.  We truly build a personal bond with our clients.

As a privately owned, independent firm our loyalty is to the clients we serve.  Our independence gives us the freedom to always act in your best interest.  We have no proprietary or “in-house” products or investments.  Our clients receive advice based on what is truly best for the goals they are trying to accomplish.  Our aspiration is to bring you the highest standard of stewardship of your financial affairs with prudent and compassionate guidance.

We want to be the last financial advisor you ever have.  Our business is based on long-term relationships and our clients are happy to testify to this with their loyalty.  Because they trust us, they are very comfortable referring their friends and colleagues.  For us, each new client inspires new thinking.  When someone is referred to us, they are facing challenges like how to care for aging parents, the sale of a family business, how to trust wealth to their heirs, or how to create a plan for retirement. 

Real challenges.  Real lives.  Real answers…

When you work with us, our goal is that you will be confident you are making better decisions knowing you have a true partner with the insight and experience to steward your wealth with the utmost care and attention.