Georgia Wealth Partners is a specialized financial advisory team that serves four key markets: High-net-worth families, owners of closely-held businesses, community banks, and retirement plan committees.

Successful Families

Successful Families | Best Wealth Management Services | Georgia Wealth Partners

Prosperity and success brings with it a host of challenges and responsibilities.  By understanding the complexities of your financial life, we can tailor a solution to help preserve and grow your wealth while keeping your financial affairs in order.  We offer guidance on estate, tax and retirement planning, charitable endeavors, legacy planning, trust management, and family stewardship planning.  We collaborate with your own trusted circle of advisors to ensure all areas of your financial life are in order. You will find us to be always accessible --ready to quickly answer any question and respond to your needs with skill and sensitivity.

Owners of closely-held businesses

Closely-Held Business | Best Wealth Management Services | Georgia Wealth Partners

Business owners focus so much of their efforts into running their business, they often struggle with devoting enough time and energy into planning adequately for their own future or designing a strategy for a successful exit.    Due to contribution limits on qualified plans, many owners and highly-paid executives may find that a diminishing percentage of their income can be replaced for retirement.  We have a full suite of planning tools for owner-executive compensation design including Non-Qualified Deferred Comp (NQDC), Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPS), Executive Bonus Plans and many other design options to meet your specific needs.  Growing a business without considering how today’s decisions impact the future exit can undermine value and increase the cost of exiting. What we do today will determine a sale price of below par, at par, or a premium price in the future, or whether that business will successfully pass to family members or key employees.  We will work with you on a strategy, chart your progress, and drive results to meet your goals.

Community Banks and Credit Unions

Community Banks and Credit Union | Best Wealth Management Services | Georgia Wealth Partners

Georgia Wealth Partners has a proven partnership record with local community banks to foster successful investment and trust programs. With the ever-increasing cost and risk of maintaining an in-house retail investment footprint, Georgia Wealth Partners can be a solution for local and regional banks looking for a partner.

  • Our marketing and operational tools are designed to attract new customer relationships rather than simply relying on bank referrals.
  • Our passionate team customizes each relationship from the ground up for success and to match your goals and expectations.
  • Our turn-key program creates efficiency and profitability by driving non-interest income directly to your bottom-line.

Retirement Plan Committees

Retirement Plan Committees | Best Wealth Management Services | Georgia Wealth Partners

At Georgia Wealth Partners, we work with companies, local governments, school systems, and non-profit organizations of all sizes to make sound decisions and facilitate positive outcomes for their employees and plan participants.  Plan sponsors often struggle to address the challenges of regulatory and ERISA compliance, how to properly manage fiduciary risk, and adequately prepare participants for retirement.  We strive to deliver industry best practices, advise prudent decisions, and systematize investment oversight and vendor management.  We want you to be able to rely on us as your plan “Partner”.


Georgia Wealth Partners, LLC does not give tax or legal advice.